How to sell your boat


You have two options when selling a boat.

You can advertise, deal with all the enquiries and negotiate and administer the sale your self, or you can employ the services of a boat broker.

Initially the first option may seem the cheapest because the broker will charge a commission. However, you will still have to pay for some sort of advertising and are unlikely to get the passing trade or interest a broker will so the sale may well drag on.

Most sellers choose to use a broker for both their expertise and additional services they can offer potential purchasers, and of course to remove the day to day responsibility for answering enquiries and administering the sale.

If you are looking for someone to sell a boat for you click here for details of marinas that offer a brokerage service.

If you are looking to sell a boat through Boat Sales UK, using our brokerage service you will be asked to complete a Brokerage Information Form and a Brokerage Listing Agreement.